EN EARI is located within walking distance from the modern Arts Centre and the House of Literature and Arts, where various cultural events take place all year around as well as the Archaeological Museum where antiquities from the prefecture of Imathia are exhibited.

Arts Centre and the House of Literature and Arts

Archaeological Museum

It is a few steps away from the Vlachogianio Museum of Modern History and Art and Elias’ Park dominated by the bust of Dimitrios Vikelas-whose father came from Veria- the first President of the International Olympic Committee who participated in the organizing committee of Athens Olympic Games in 1896.

Vlachogianio Museum of Modern History and Art

Byzantine Museum

The old Cathedral of Veria (12th century)- recently revived, the Christ Church (14th century) and the traditional district of Kyriotissa with its numerous Byzantine churches, the Byzantine Museum, the remains of its ancient walls and towers, the Altar of St. Paul the Apostle of Nations and Pavleio Cultural Centre, the Time Square with the imposing neoclassical of the old Courts and the picturesque Jewish district Barbouta are also suggestions for exciting tours through the city and its long brilliant past.

The old Cathedral of Veria

Jewish district Barbouta Μπαρμπούτα

Central Public Library of Veriaς

Last but not least, the significant Central Public Library of Veria, recipient of the prize “Access to Knowledge 2010”, behind the impressive neoclassical building of City Hall is indicated for those who wish to become explorers of the whole world.